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Narrowboat Skipper Narrowboat Training - on YOUR Narrowboat or Widebeam!

New to boating? Everyone needs a little friendly expert guidance when you buy your first narrowboat!


It's very enjoyable and affordable to learn how to handle YOUR OWN narrowboat or widebeam expertly and confidently in just ONE day!


All canal boats handle differently to each other, each has its own unique individual characteristics. so rather than do a course on another boat, Narrowboat Skipper will personally come to YOUR boat and train you to a confident standard in just one day to be able to confidently do ALL the following, on YOUR boat on YOUR local waterway!


  • Steering

  • Reversing

  • Getting on and off your own mooring easily and confidently

  • Turning in a circle

  • Mooring alongside

  • Working as a team on your boat

  • Using your ropes

  • Mooring your boat safely on the towpath

  • (Manoevering to a stop, rings, bollards, mooring pins etc)

  • Going through your local locks and swing bridges

  • Understanding and using the systems on your boat

  • Filling with diesel + water



The aim of your Narrowboat Skipper Training Session  Course is to teach and instruct new and inexperienced narrowboat owners in all the essential basics to enable you to be able to handle your own narrowboat confidently. Best of all, We come to YOU!


To book your days training, please complete the form below and let us know the date and location you would like me to come and spend the day with you getting you fully aquainted with everything you need to know to be confident get the very best enjoyment from your narrowboat or widebeam.


Unlike other narrowboat courses, to save you time and money, we focus on the enjoyable essentials and we charge a simple daily rate. We are happy to train on a one-to-one basis for a basic daily rate!

To book your 1 or 2 day Narrowboat Training Course, ON YOUR OWN BOAT, please complete the form below, letting us know:


1.  Your preferred date

2.  The location of your boat

3. Telephone number and email address


..and we will be in touch to arrange it with you!

Your details were sent successfully!

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